Painting of a Saint with a Corona Virus molecule in her halo

This group show features artists’ unique interpretation of the theme ICON, ICON being any subject or abstract glorified. It is a feast for the eyes and includes pieces created in […]

Pandemic Piece

I started this painting during our first week of the Stay Home Order issued by Governor Jay Inslee for Washington state. Not in my wildest dreams would I have believed […]

Seattle Art Fair 2020

View of the many gallery exhibitions at the Seattle Art Fair

Cancelled. ‘Nuff said. Such a huge disappointment and yet, how could we have possibly participated in this show without exposing thousands to the wretched Covid virus? This is of course […]

New Studio

After 5 years working in the cold and dark garage I now get to work in this place! Have you guys ever heard of Better Built Barnes? They’re incredible. In […]