Seattle Art Fair 2020

View of the many gallery exhibitions at the Seattle Art Fair

Cancelled. ‘Nuff said. Such a huge disappointment and yet, how could we have possibly participated in this show without exposing thousands to the wretched Covid virus? This is of course just one of countless venues that have been put on the back burner until further notice.

We had an amazing showing at the SAF last year, representing Lynn Hanson Gallery in booth D51 directly next door to the infamous Breadface (yep, Breadface). And after a full year of planning, painting and preparing for SAF 2020 it’s now time to sit back, evaluate the work, and set our sights on 2021.

This show is a spectacular one, fingers crossed we can gather again as artists, collectors and connoisseurs in 2021!

You can see one of Lynn Garka’s beautiful sculptures on the right, and on the back left wall paintings by gallerist and artist Lynn Hanson.
Mimi Sturman’s magical wool figures stood guard at the entrance to our booth.

Watching people get up close to study the work was hugely rewarding to me as an artist. Here you can see one of Pamela Beers‘ large abstracts on the back wall. We had a fabulous team!